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Eddie Lopez Jr - Testimonial

“Dealing with a back injury from 2009 I was very skeptical about going to see Dr. Noel for a session. I was always worried that something might go wrong, and boy was I wrong about that. He was very knowledgeable in treating and working around my old injury. Immediately after my first session I noticed a significant difference and was able to walk and move in relief. Thanks Dr. Noel

P.S. don't let his size fool you! He manhandled the mess out of my 6'2" 400lb self!”

Eddie Lopez Jr.

Tommy Martinez Artist/Graphic Designer

“I had a pain going down my back that a couple other chiropractors couldn’t relieve. I had a visit with Noel, I woke up the next day and pain was gone. Since then, he's my go-to Chiropractor when I'm in Connecticut. Very professional and thorough. Thanks.”

Tommy Martinez

Jaison Santos - Entrepreneur

“I’ve been to a couple other chiropractors in the past and immediately noticed that Doctor Noel was by far the most gifted. And to top it off, he and his staff are wonderful people to be around and truly give off an amazing vibe. I reside 30 minutes away yet still choose to be adjusted at his office. 

I’ve already recommended a few friends! 

Thank you good Doc! ”

Jaison Santos

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