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What is the Gonstead Chiropractic System?

Gonstead technique was founded by Dr. Clarence Selmer Gonstead where the practice of “back alley” bone setting was developed into an understandable bio-mechanical science. Gonstead’s methods were based on the basic principle that the pelvic and spinal column are the mechanical foundation of the body and provide it balance and stability. Gonstead noted that any shift of slight change in the foundation can cause a deviation in the rest of the structure. These deviations can be described as misalignment or subluxations of the spine and all of the adjacents joints of the body. Through research and clinical trial Gonstead was able to create a system to identify and correct these misalignments and restore normal biomechanical and physiological functions of the body.

As it relates to chiropractic technique, Gonstead created a specific technique of adjusting these spinal segments due to his diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis and limitations in the use of his hands. Although Gonstead is credited for the acceleration of chiropractic into the modern age, we have come a long way and now practice a technique called Diversified Chiropractic. This means that not only do we use Gonstead technique of adjusting, but integrate other techniques like activator, flexion distraction, drop table or Thompson, myofascial release and others to give a more thorough approach to correcting biomechanical and soft tissue imbalance in the body.

Does Medicare cover chiropractic Services?

Yes. Medicare in fact covers chiropractic adjustments and the best part is there is no referral or pre-authorization needed.

Can I go to the chiropractor when pregnant?

Chiropractic during pregnancy is absolutely safe. Minor adjustment to the treatment plan can be made to address what positions are most comfortable, how far along you are in the pregnancy and any known contraindications to treatment. Otherwise, a happy a healthy mom is a great start for a happy and healthy child. There are many conditions that can be addressed during pregnancy from simple aches and pains to more complicated issues resulting from pregnancy.

In addition, our office is equipped with a special mechanical table with drop pieces that allow for pregnant women to lay face down comfortably with no pressure to the belly. We welcome and encourage chiropractic treatment during pregnancy. Don't forget chiropractic treatment may begin for the newborn as soon as possible as well.

How many chiropractic visits do I need?

Treatment plans, specifically number of visits, vary depending on the problem we are trying to address. Maintenance care, or treatment based on well being, usually consists of one or two treatments per month. Maintenance care is great for when you are feeling ok but need to address minor aches or pains that occur with everyday life.

A “tune up” so to speak. On the other hand, problem-based care or treatment visits meant to address an acute problem can be 2 to 3 times a week for a few weeks and slowly taper down to 1 or 2 times a week as the patient responds favorably to care. In the rare occasion that a patient is not seeing improvement, a good doctor will refer out for more testing or a specialist to address whatever remaining symptoms the patient is experiencing.

Which is better chiropractor or physical therapist?

Although very similar, there are some differences between chiropractic and physical therapy treatments. It is not necessarily which treatment is better as much as which is more appropriate for your problem. In general, physical therapy is just one part of the chiropractic paradigm. Chiropractic adjustments are the focus, however, there is much more to treatment.

While physical therapy focuses on exercise and restorative movement, chiropractic treatment expands on those modalities to include postural training, passive modalities, work hardening, neuromuscular re-education, chiropractic adjustments and more.

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